The structure is distinctive for the presence of constructive solutions and applications characterized by a high level of environmental sustainability.


  • Electrical and thermal “intelligent” management based on energy saving. The insertion and the extraction of specific cards in the rooms, lead to a rational and efficient management of electrical utilities and the thermal requirements of the rooms.
  • Recovery and storage of rainwater and its use for irrigation

  • Breakwater taps

  • Low-consumption toilet flushing systems

  • High energy efficiency autonomous heating and cooling system (summer / winter)

  • Photovoltaic system for the production of electricity and for heating and cooling

  • Solar thermal system for the production of domestic hot water and for heating

  • Use of biomass boiler for the transformation of plant residues into energy

  • Indoor and outdoor LED lighting

  • Use of crepuscular devices

  • Use of low consumption lamps

  • Use of household appliances, heat pumps, air conditioners and lamps of energy class from A to A ++

  • Infissi a taglio termico con vetri selettivi (con autoregolazione termica a seconda delle stagioni)

  • Coibentazione a cappotto per isolare termicamente gli edifici e diminuirne conseguentemente il fabbisogno energetico e inquinamento.

  • Recycling basket in all areas of the structure in order to facilitate recycling

  • Composter to transform wet organic waste into compost

  • Use of dispensers in the bathrooms in order to reduce the amount of packaging to be disposed off

  • Reuse of local stone

  • Use wherever possible of food from the territory in order to reduce the carbon food print






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